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Q: Is there a charge to set up my embroidered design?
A: There is a one off cost to set up new embroidered designs, there are 3 possible costs depending on the size of your design. You only pay these costs on your first order. If you all ready have your design set up with us tick the box saying "This is an existing design that you have embroidered before" you will then not be charged for the setup cost. Costs as follows.

Option A - covers most standard size chest or sleeve designs £25
Option B - covers larger chest designs £40
Option C - covers larger designs suitable for the backs of garments £50

Q: Will I have to pay set up costs on future orders?
A: No, set up costs only apply to your first order.

Q: Does the cost of my products include my design?
A: No, please ask fo a quote......

Q: Can we have more than one logo on our clothing?
A: Yes, you will need to specify location of logos.

Q: Can we see the designs before they are applied to our order?
A: Yes, samples are supplied.

Q: Are there any other costs involved?
A: The only other costs are VAT & a delivery cost.

Q: Can we order plain clothing without any embroidery or printing?
A: Yes please select no for step one and step two when ordering.

Q: How many colours can we have in our design?
A: 12 colours for embroidery.

Q: What are your delivery times?
A: Our standard delivery times are 7_10 working days, we can complete orders quicker than this if needed, please contact us for details.

Q: What formats can we send our artwork in?
A: For embroidered designs we can accept artwork in the following formats, via contact form: Jpeg, Gif. and via email: Bmp, Tiff, EPS, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

For artwork in the following formats: EPS, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Tiff, high resolution jpeg or bmp file or any other vector format. If you are not sure just send us what you have (via email) and we will let you know if its suitable.

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